Managing and changing Human Resources


  • Interim Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • HR Organisation Design
  • HR Process Redesign
  • HR Systems Architecture
  • HR Platform Implementation

Shared Views aims at supplying a number of services that will make sure that the Human Resources department is of maximum value to the organisation.

These services are based on a thorough understanding and long term experience with HR processes, Organisation and Systems.

Values of HR to the organisation?

At first, your Human Resources department/staff are expected to successfully complete their basic tasks, such as maintaining an accurate employee administration, management reporting, and last but not least an accurate payroll! 

Especially In times of challenge and change to businesses, HR organisations are expected to successfuly play an additional role. They have to support both managers and employees in successfully completing the necessary change initiatives, and in being successful again in the new reality. This means HR as change manager!

And additionally, there are for example the recent labour market developments  that ask full attention; flexibilisation and demographic ageing are forcing each organisation to implement a more strategic approach to staff planning. Managing and developing talent, succession planning, performance management and flexible compensation, are becoming matters of high value to your organisation.

In order to be able to for example play all the before mentioned important roles successfully, the HR organisation needs to be well equipped, organised and supported by the right HR systems and HR information. 

If you have a belief, you espouse your belief. If you don't act on it, your belief is moot

David Ulrich

We provide a very practical approach to Interim-, Project- and Change Management.

As a starter we can also support you with some Management Consultancy capacity to analyse what initiatives and priorities can be adding value to your HR organisation. The base of success is understanding your current organisation, and the objectives you want to accomplish.

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