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What can I do for you?
With many years of management experience within the domains of HR and IT I can support you effectively with all the challenges you face within your organization. For example:

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About Shared Views

Shared Views is the business name with which I offer you my services.
Why "Shared Views"?
Two important reasons: Firstly because having one shared and agreed view on what needs to be achieved is fundamental for success and therefore basis for my approach - building bridges - teamwork.
Secondly I want to share and use my many years of management experience within each assignment in order to be successful, and support others in becoming better in what they do.

About Rik Welter

After a start and short period as traditional IT professional, I have proved to be especially successful in connecting business (objectives, processes) and IT systems to support these.
Specifically in project and program management roles.
Additionally a lot of experience in designing and managing change within Human Resources and IT.
Through my
Linkedin profile at the bottom of the page you have access to a more detailed overview of my working experience.
Examples of specific deliverables:
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As program manager I have successfully delivered the new HR systems platform around Workday to ING in the Netherlands.
The complexity of the transformation program can be illustrated by the combination of standardization and simplification of HR policies and processes in combination with implementing an almost full scope of Workday connected to a new payroll system (NGA's PEX/EuHReka).

Keywords: Ambition, Courage, Focus, Collaboration.
VU Amsterdam
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As Project Portfolio Manager successfully implemented tools and procedures that allowed the senior managers and the board to manage and control their backoffice improvement transformation program.

As process manager leading the planning and execution of the reorganization of one of the large faculties of the university.

Keywords: Change, Negotiation, Transparency
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As project manager on behalf of Lumesse, successfully delivered the talent management processes and supporting system (ETWeb) to Heineken International.

Keywords: Focus, Collaboration, Creativity
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As senior engagement manager responsible for the transformation of all RBS HR systems to one global standard platform.
Based on standardization, shared HR services and the self service concept for managers and employees.

Keywords: Ambition, Global, Collaboration
ABN Amro
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As senior manager leading the global implementation of a global standard HR systems platform around HR shared services, self service for managers and employees, and standardization of policies and processes.

Successfully delivered HR shared service units, for example in Asia (Mumbai India).

Keywords: Ambition, Courage, Innovation, Global Standardization.


If you are interested in what I can do for you, and would like to explore opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can do that by phone, email or the message module on this page.
Obviously you can also just send any remark and/or question.


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